Bike lights won't turn on

If your bike lights aren't working and you have a Bosch electrical system, there are a few possible reasons why your integrated bicycle lights are not on. 

1) The most common reason is that the lights are not switched on in the Bosch system. 

  • On the Bosch Purion display, press and hold the Plus button for about 2 seconds. A headlight icon will be shown on the lower left corner of the display screen when the lights are on. 

  • On the Bosch Intuvia, Kiox, or Nyon display types, press the light button located on the lower right side of the display screen.

 2) Check to make sure any physical switches located on the light itself are turned to the ON position. (We've found that children sometimes like to switch lights off when parents aren't looking.)

3) Check the wiring connections at both the front and rear lights to make sure that no cables are unplugged. There should be at least two wires plugged into each light.

4) If your lights still aren't working, please contact us for assistance.

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