What to do if your bike is stolen

If you purchased your bicycle from The New Wheel and it was stolen, please let us know so we can update our records. We can also send along any information you may need (such as the bicycle's serial number or your purchase receipt) to file a police report or insurance claim.

Regardless of where your bike was purchased, here are suggestions for stolen bicycles from the SF Bike Coalition:

Checklist if Your Bike is Stolen

  1. File a report with the SF Police Department. You can file it online, but investigators strongly recommend reporting it in person at the nearest station. Provide serial number and pictures if you have them.
  2. Register your stolen bike with safebikes.org and stolen.bikeindex.org.
  3. Look for cameras near where bike was stolen. Often times, buildings will have cameras facing the street. Contact the building owner to recover tapes.
  4. Post the bike as “Stolen” in bikes section of Craigslist. If you receive a tip or info, contact the police. Do not attempt to recover bike on your own. You can use ifttt.com to create an alert.
  5. File a claim with your renter or homeowner’s insurance company. Sometimes bike theft is covered.
  6. Visit local flea markets to look for your bike. Some people have reported finding their bikes at San Jose (Wednesday, Friday); Coliseum (Saturday); Laney College (Sunday) flea markets. If you do spot your bike, call the local police immediately and ask them to assist in your recovery.

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