Remove and Remount Battery, Stromer ST1

Some models of Stromer ST1 have a battery key. Depending on your bike, you may need your battery key to remove and remount the battery. 

Important note: Handle Batteries Carefully! 
Handle the battery carefully to avoid dropping. It can be heavy. Place the battery on a clean, dry, level, non-conductive, and non-flammable surface.

Here are step-by-step instructions on removing and remounting your battery:

  1. Turn the system off and unlock the battery compartment using your key.
  2. Press the black button on the other side of the frame. 
  3. This will eject the battery door out from the frame.
  4. Remove the battery from the frame by sliding it out.
  5. Check for any contamination (foreign objects, dirt, water, etc.) or corrosion of the contacts. If needed, clean with a soft dry brush, compressed air, or if recommended by the manufacturer isopropyl alcohol or electronics contact cleaner.
  6. Reinstall the battery, making sure it is properly mounted.
  7. Insert the battery into the lower guide rail with the connector pointing down.
  8. While inserting, make sure that the battery is also inserted into the upper guide rail. 
  9. Slide the battery along the battery door until it engages with the connector and stops. 
  10. Close the battery door and engage the lock.

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