Reading Odometer on Stromer

Stromer ST1

Identify Your Bike: You have a Stromer ST1 if the display you use to turn on your bike is black and is located on the handlebar

  1. Turn on your Stromer ST1
  2. Press the power button (button the far left) multiple times to cycle through your trip computer functions until you see "Odo". The number displayed is your Odometer reading (total mileage)

Stromer ST2, ST3, ST5

Identify Your Bike: You have a Stromer ST2, ST3, or ST5 if the display is in the top tube of your bike

  1. Power on your bike
  2. Press the button underneath the top-tube to go the main menu (icons for powering off your bike, locking your bike etc.)
  3. On the display, select "Settings"
  4. Select "Bike"
  5. Select "Totals" (you may need to use the down arrow on the display to see this menu item)
  6. You will see a number next to "Total Miles". This is your odometer reading.

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