How Service Works at The New Wheel

Our goal at The New Wheel is to help support you to ride daily on a beautifully maintained bicycle. To this end, we have a full service department in each of our locations as well as a dedicated Service Center. This brief guide is meant to help you understand our service department and how best to work with us. 

Scheduled Service

Whenever possible, we ask that you schedule service ahead of time. This helps us plan and also allows us to dedicate our resources to maintain your bicycle thoroughly and on time. You can book service 24/7 at and select "Book an Appointment".

Standard & Expedite Service

We have two service lead times for you to choose from: standard and expedited. Standard lead time is 3-5 days depending on weekends. For expedited service, we work to have your bike completed same day by 5:30pm barring any unforseen issues. If issues do arise, we will reach out with a new ETA. 

Walk-In Service

We are available for walk-in service based on our store hours. The standard lead time for walk-in service that is not a flat tire repair (flat tire repairs we try and complete same-day) is 10 days but we can also look at our schedule service calendar and book you an appointment for sooner if an appointment is available. Our goal is always to keep you rolling so if you have an emergency that is stopping you from riding we will work to resolve the pressing issue and then scheduling a more complete service if necessary at a later date. 

Warranty Work

We are here to support the warranty on your electric bike from The New Wheel. We do not charge for the labor involved in completing a warranty repair during the standard warranty period provided by the manufacturer. For bikes not purchased at The New Wheel we do charge a warranty processing fee along with the labor cost to complete the repair.

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