Battery Repair & Rebuilding

If you have a battery pack that is no longer in production, the best option may be to have it rebuilt by a third-party battery rebuilding service such as Ebike Marketplace.

There are a few important points to keep in mind if you will be going down the battery rebuild route to service your bike:
1. There is no guarantee on the part longevity from The New Wheel. Any guarantee would be from battery rebuilding service
2. If the battery is not user removable, we would need to remove and then re-install the battery which in total can take 3-4 hours
3. We cannot guarantee the work as it would be a third-party part we are installing. If we remove and then re-install a battery and it does not work, we would still need to charge for the time for the work although we would attempt to stop work the moment we find a problem. 

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