Service on Faraday Bikes

As of 2018, Faraday is no longer in business. Spare parts can be found at but availability is severely limited and the spare parts do not carry a warranty. 

Faraday Batteries

Batteries from faraday are no longer available to purchase from Faraday

While we would like to be of service to all Faraday customers, it is extremely challenging to successfully diagnose, troubleshoot, and complete repairs under the circumstances. If you would like us to attempt to repair your Faraday, please know the following:

  1. All electronic service first requires electric troubleshooting which is a minimum of one hour of labor
  2. You are responsible for furnishing all repair parts. Repair parts can be purchased at
  3. We cannot guarantee any work done on Faraday bikes: if a repair is unsuccessful, you will still be responsible for the labor cost of the repair
  4. Batteries are no longer available for Faraday. The only solution is to have your battery rebuilt which requires that we un-install the battery, you ship the battery to a battery rebuilding service, and then we re-install the battery once completed. The cost to uninstall and re-install a battery is $400 or more. We cannot guarantee any battery replacement work. 

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