How to order Abus keys

Here are instructions for ordering new Abus keys. Many Bosch battery locks have Abus keys, too. 

To get the most from your Abus lock, we recommend registering your key with Abus. By registering, you can not only safely store your key codes for future reference, but you can easily order new replacement keys. 

Your key code may be found in one of several places: key code card, stamped into the key itself, or on a small tag provided with your keys. For security reasons the Key Code will NEVER be found on the lock or packaging.

  1. Navigate to Abus Mobile Security Key Ordering Homepage
  2. Pick the appropriate key type that you'd like to order. Most keys from The New Wheel will be one of two key types: Abus X-Plus or Wafer. If you are not sure which type of key you have, feel free to contact us.
  3. Enter your key code or take two photos of your key and upload it to the website

    For X-Plus keys a code card is provided with your lock X-Plus keys use up to 8 digits, always preceded by an "X". You must include the "X" when registering or ordering keys.
    For Plus keys a code card is provided with your lock For Plus keys, a code card is provided with your lock
    For Wafer Style keys These utilize a letter, followed by a 4-5 digit number key code stamped on the key. You must provide all information in order to identify the correct key blank. For example: NW72 on top row followed by 1234 on the second. For T83 key type choose 37/55 80 and then type in the entire key code (T83xxxx) where xxxx = key code printed on the key
    For EC (Extra Classe) Dimple keys The code is stamped onto the key, typically the code starts with a "D" or "EC" followed by 4 or 5 digits.
  4. Choose a quantity and then add it to your shopping cart
  5. Enter your credit card information and billing information and select "Complete your order."

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