Getting Reimbursed for Roadside Pickup

If your request is denied or you have any trouble with a reasonable reimbursement request, do not hesitate to reach out to us at The New Wheel to advocate for you.

Here is information on submitting a reimbursement request from Better World Club:

You must call roadside assistance first at 415-853-2453 for authorization first to be eligible for a full refund. If Better World Club is unable to dispatch, you will be authorized to file a claim. All other requests are subject to a price cap of $50. Reimbursement is not guaranteed if you receive/require service during a lapse of coverage due to a late renewal.

Driving companies such as Lyft, Uber, and professional taxis are eligible for reimbursement provided you call us for authorization of those services at the time of need.

Send us your written request within 90 days using the Claim Form found on the Member Site of You can also make a request by telephone at 1-866-238-1137 or email

Better World Club reserves the right to deny any request submitted more than 90 days after the date of service (subject to certain state restrictions), containing receipts and/or supporting documents which cannot be verified.  (No time limit applies for Utah and Wisconsin residents.) Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your check in the mail. Incomplete documentation may slow down the processing of your request.

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